Sunday, March 1, 2015

United We Light

No time like the present to let go of Fear - Hold Love, Peace, Harmony and Balance in our hearts, visualize the world as you would have it be for you and yours, for all humanity, all life on the planet and the Universe as a whole. We have the power within us to make the world a better place and always have although many of us did not know...Until NOW.    "The Lifting of the Veil"

This is a call for "Awakening"

A call for Freedom, for Peace, Love,
Joy, Happiness, Unity , Harmony
in ourselves and the World.

Please join with us in this most
important moment and movement.

There is:
Light up for healing

"We are who we have
been waiting for."

6:00 pm - 6:01 pm

Until we become
the change we
want to see.

At 6:00pm every evening in YOUR time zone, you are invited to join us in a worldwide collective effort of prayer, meditation & thought.

Directing for "One Minute" our Intention, Energy and Love toward making the change we want to see in the world.

The force of Light and Love with conscious Intention is rippling around the world causing a wave of R-Evolutionary healing for the planet, its people and all life.     Feel It, See It, Experience It.

United We Light

The time is now! We ask you to participate in this effort to create a better world, of the people, by the people and for the people. Take back your power! Envision a truly free, peaceful and abundant world. Share the thoughts and ideas of the positive visionaries, the artists, the healers and the scientists that will guide and assist mankind to reach our highest potential. Thank you and together let’s enjoy the journey to universal freedom!  ~ Jimi Brent   



"The Lifting of the Veil"

2012 Crossing Over, A New Beginning
OFFICIAL FILM [Brave Archer Films®]

I've Come For PEACE

We don't know what we are missing

Let your anger release

We've common ground, let's find it

The anger in between has got to end

Let Us Stand for Peace

*** Join me in Peace. ***

Sacred Knowledge of Vibration and the Power of Human Emotions

From the healing of our body to the success at work and our relationships and peace, new evidence shows that all of us can talk directly to the power that connects the entire universe. Let's follow Gregg Braden in this wonderful journey that combines science, spirituality and miracles through the language of the Divine Matrix.

"Celebrate the Awakening in 2012"

Where there’s a need ~ there’s a calling
And if you see the need ~ you’ve received the calling


We are looking for a way to make our will and desire more powerful than war. Fortunately, that isn’t complicated. According to the ancient Vedic texts, you will know you are living the way of peace when three things are present:

  • Seva: Your actions harm no one and benefit everyone.
  • Simran: You remember your true nature and your purpose for being here.
  • Satsang: You belong in the community of peace and wisdom.
These three S-words come from Sanskrit. They describe the ideal life of any spiritual person. But just as crucial, they unlock a power that materialism can’t defeat, as a rock can’t defeat the rain even though one is hard and the other soft, as a tree can’t defeat the wind, even though one is solid and the other invisible.     
Source: Deepak Chapra

"It's a beginning...not an end"

The real end of the Mayan calender.

Apocalypse means; a lifting of the veil or a revealed truth. It's a beginning...not an end. Disclosure is on it's way. Stories are coming out everyday about the corrupt world banking system and the Illuminati. Nap time is over. Everyone has a chance to Evolve.

Peace, Love and Blessings to ALL

"They Speak To Me"

"Mind Over Matter"

Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.

All things are bound together. All things connect. We are a part of the earth and it is part of us.
   ~ Chief Seattle

"The future is made in your mind."

Give Peace a CHANCE!

"Everybody knows the people have the power; all we have to do is awaken the people to KNOW they have the power."

"Send out intentions of love, tolerance, forgiveness, and peace."

Every living system that goes out of balance attempts to right itself. This is true of your blood pressure and your heart rate but also of the rain forest or a population of birds. Pressure on the system from one side–such as lack of food, absence of home ground, or the sudden intrusion of enemies–causes a reaction to shove the system back into balance. Violence is the most extreme response to imbalance.
When people are asked to make moral decisions, it is the emotional center of the brain that increases in activity, instead of the rational centers layered higher up in the cortex. Only after anger emotionally fires us up do we call in the cortex to fashion reasons, including religious reasons.
If you plot revenge against an evildoer, you are harming yourself: Not because the thought may come back to injure you, which is superstition, but because negative thinking reinforces the source of negativity. Darkness adds to darkness. The simple psychological fact is that the mind grows from habit and use, and as long as you habitually use those centers that send out blame, anger, retribution, intolerance, and violence, those centers will be nourished in their growth.
Nurture instead the light that you find inside. Transformation doesn’t come about by being touched with a magic wand. Habit and use apply here too. If you find even the smallest reasons for sending out intentions of love, tolerance, forgiveness, and peace, these centers will grow inside your mind. Spirit counts on this growth.
Adapted from The Deeper Wound: Recovering the Soul from Fear and Suffering, by Deepak Chopra

Life does not need to be changed. Only your intent and actions do. ~ Swami Rama

        Message From:

Dr. Buryle Payne
The POWER of Thought
Academy for Peace Research
Message From:Bob Proctor
Fantasy - Theory - Fact

The time for Peaceful Non-Compliance has come.
We must unite as ONE RACE, the HUMAN RACE.

Jump On The 2012 Peace Train
Second Saturday of EVERY Month

Let YOUR Voice Be Heard
We Are Here To Help


Corporate Boycott EVERY 15th of EACH Month
Don't Buy! Don't Comply! Ask WHY!

Divided we've fallen,

"It Is Here NOW"

United We Light at Expozium

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Physical & Emotional Symptoms May - August 2012

Gabriel's Monthly Weather Report
Weather Report Of Physical & Emotional Symptoms
for May - August, 2012

(NOTE: To get a greater sense of how these months fit into a bigger picture, we strongly encourage you to read the OVERVIEW of 2012 first. We have included a great deal of
information in that article that is important to understand each segment of the year. We will not repeat that information below.) OVERVIEW OF 2012:

We have reached a time that has received more attention than any other year we could mention... a year of major prophecy and change.

"The end of the world" as we have known it... What does that mean? it is a time when energetic shifts, as well as the transition of cycles will create more transformation, endings and beginnings, than anything we have ever known.

2012 is being called a Year of Prepration for Service (as you move through Disillusionment into Enlightenment) by Archangel Gabriel.

In the Overview of the Year, we have talked about the three quadrants (four-month segments) of the year. This channeling will be about the first four months of the year specifically.

"This is a time of preparing the lower chakras for the radiatory light of the soul to penetrate. In doing so, the gateways of the heart are beginning to open further, to facilitate the raising up of the chakras.

The lower 3 chakras have been the chakras of survival... and now as you awaken the heart chakra and the soul, you begin to raise up the lower chakras with the soul's presence.

This requires many shifts in the physical body. The physical body must align with the etheric body, which transforms the soul light into something that can be integrated with the physical body. This impacts the astral body as well. So there is a lot of activity going on at this time.

May - Value
June - Meaning
July - Truth
August - Purpose into Action

The first four months were about a shift from Judgment into Discernment and Conscious Choice about your lives (in the 1st gateway) and deepening a love of Self. In the next four months, you will mostly focus on the 2nd gateway of the heart, and a shift from Attachments to genuine Connections.

This will take you from the experience of love of Self on the inner, which has been the focus of the first months, rather than remaining stuck in an ego identity.

The influence in the first four chakras are now being awakened through the 2nd gateway of the heart - from attachment to connection. Attachment keeps you focused on the OUTER world, physically, mentally and emotionally to determine your well-being or false sense of self.

When you are in attachment, you are moving through life as a survival experience. As you move into connection with the opening of the 2nd gateway, you move into a greater sense of creator-ship.

You now take the inner connection that you have begun to deepen in the first four months into your outer connections. From love of self to planetary love or love for one another.


This months has to do with connection, out of survival consciousness into a VALUE OF BEING.

This will be the penetration of the life lesson, which contains the inherent elements within you that you brought in as a soul... that earmark your true individuality. This involves your gifts, talents, abilities and qualities of self that allow you to connect in an individual way to the world around you.

The month of May is about the development of VALUE, focused on all that you are, as well as all that others are. You will start to create more connections with mutual exchange.

You will move out of a survival paradigm in the first chakra, which has known the survival of the fittest and a competitive nature.

The lower self has been all about competition, conquering and competing, with no real trust or connection to anything. Now that you are beginning to connect more fully to yourself, you are ready for a communion of souls, where you use your talents and abilities to enhance one another.

You will begin to evaluate your talents and abilities from a deeper perspective of the "we" consciousness. Mutual benefit and value will be discovered more fully. You will seek out similar vibrational levels within the process. And you will help one another to fulfill and create, where it serves the good of the whole. Cooperation will help you deepen the solutions you seek.

You will learn to offer what you have to one another in deeper aid and service to one another... moving into planetary love and "we" consciousness.

This requires that you have learned how to value Self more fully, of course. Many different groups will begin to form or deepen, that are committed to the benefit of the whole more fully. Even religions may attempt to come together for bigger solutions and mutual concern.

There will be a desire to help those stuck in survival consciousness. Survival consciousness is in its peak, which is showing up as the breakdown of many systems that are stuck in these old perspectives.

And herd consciousness is beginning to stand up and speak up. It is enough. We deserve to all be treated with equal value. This will accelerate. And there will be more oppositions to these shifts from the opposite side as well, for those caught up in the defense and control of the lower self. Both sides experience movement at the same time.

The 7th Ray is coming in more and more fully to re-structure everything that has been stuck in duality and it is moving everything into unity consciousness.

All of the different groups and systems are being affected. Anything in opposition will be in greater breakdown out of these energies, so that you can respond and create more fulfilling systems and approaches.

You are learning to become a part of a harmonic that is for the good of all. Unity consciousness is merely being initiated or introduced. Those who of a higher soul consciousness, ready to move into a more defined world service, will be defining and refining ways that you can be of service, using your talents, abilities and qualities of Self.

You will have lots of activity energetically in the lower body. The base of the spine, legs, feet and pelvis. You are creating an inner movement that is moving out. Anything in opposition will rise first. There will be more survival issues related to attachments revealing their illusions.

There will be much need to let go of attachments, such as old ways of relating that are not based on mutual value and connection. Giving and receiving in balance. Balance is an important word this month.

You may also find that you want to let go of things that no longer serve. You may do a spring cleaning, letting go of what no longer suits the person you are becoming. These things can serve as a barrier to your growth.

If you are attached to things, out of a fear or avoidance of deprivation, you will only be burdened in heaviness if you hang on. There will be more activity and acceleration of dis-ease in the lower body. Prostate, ovary issues. Joint issues and issues of support (back and legs). Where there is opposition to movement and change, you will find greater issues.

You may feel sometimes a connection to people, situations and experiences that are not so easily explained. You will expand in your ability to connect and exchange in ways that are uplifting in new ways.

There may be more activity in the heart as the 2nd gateway opens. There will be energy moving down, which can create compression on the lower chakras. Digestive issues may accelerate, which is a reflection of how you digest the experiences of life.

There may be unfulfilling past experiences coming up, with a sense of mourning and sadness, as you move through this cleansing.


This will move you into the 2nd chakra, the emotional body. This will create a deeper sense of feeling things, with a focus on soul lesson. This has to do with the depth of your experience. This deepens your sense of MEANING.

In this depth of feeling, you will deepen the connection with those around you. When you activate your soul lesson, you activate the depth of experience of life.

What happens is that you stimulate new ways to negotiate your feelings, needs and boundaries. You will connect to greater essence and truth. This will also move you into greater intuition, beyond separated feelings.

It is more immediate knowing what is taking place and what responses will serve.

There will be more challenge to ignore the revelation of your needs. This may be difficult for those who are not used to taking responsibility for their own needs.

This may bring up volatility for some, as unmet needs trigger your history and the unresolved feelings about it all. When you feel a spontaneous reaction of anger about unmet needs, bring yourself into the awareness that you have a choice and that your needs are indeed as important as anyone else's needs.

As you respond, you will create a life that has more meaning. And it will allow you to honor the needs of others as well. We consciousness. Mutual exchange in true connection.

You will see your emotional attachments, where you have tried to make others responsible for your needs or feelings. "They made me feel .........," base on what others do or don't do. This is not the deepest truth.

You can develop a deeper understanding if you have focused on building self-love in the first four months, as you now begin to deepen, express and negotiate your needs with the needs of others. Balance. Negotiation. Relationships in communion, connection and equality.

Attachments are all about pushing and pulling in a power struggle, out of a disconnection to yourself as the source of your own fulfillment and well-being. Connections in equality will transcend this limit. Inner connecting outward and the Outer being allowed to connect inward.

You may find yourself becoming aware of more intuition. You may discover surprising needs, that you have not realized you have had or that have simply been denied. As you respond, you will deepen the meaning in your life. Love for one another.

World systems will go through the same extremes. Greater connection and greater opposition. What you are going through as an individual will always be reflected in various ways in the world around you. Some will establish deeper ways to reach out in service.

You will start to notice the shifts, with meaning and beauty, in smaller connections around you. Some will experience more drama, with extremes of high's and low's. Some will go manic and others will go into depression as you accelerate the tendencies held in the emotional body.

This will create anxiety for others. This is simply the activity of energy in the 2nd chakra and 2nd gateway.

You may find yourself disillusioned by relationships that have been in push and pull, inequality and attachment. You will much prefer true connection and equality. You may be very sensitive to those around you.

You can surround yourself with purple/indigo light, as people around you seek to hook you, push and pull. So if you are surrounded by lots of people, surround yourself with higher vibrational light.

That way you do not allow yourself to be pushed and pulled in the same ways. Imagine a world where you live in the heart, with a safety to truly connect everywhere you go, accessing the love force.


This month will take the 2nd gateway into the 3rd chakra, mental body and center of identity and power. This is where you have controlled most fully, fighting for the identity of the lower ego.

As you move these energies into connection, you will move into a deeper TRUTH of being and the higher will. This will give you a deeper sense of personal truth, as well as honoring the truth of others.

There will be an excitement for acting on your personal truth... into a time of discovering the will of the Soul. Engaged in a passion for life directing itself from the knowing and connection of truth.

You will begin to develop a mutual harmonic that you cannot deceive or be deceived in the same way any longer. There will be much disillusionment of the old attachments of the mental body held in survival.

Some will oppose with more extreme beliefs. You will see it in groups as well. Those on the higher level will move into a greater commitment of wills in understanding and consideration of the truth of all.

The government of the minority will shift more fully into the government for the majority. Mutual integrity and regard. These things will just BEGIN at this time, initiated and colored by each person's choices.

This will begin to take you into the deeper fulfillment of intention into the preparation for deeper PURPOSE.

You will tend to evaluate how you have used your will, your choices and the direction of your talents and abilities. You will begin to formulate intentions at this time toward more meaning and value, within the connections and planetary love that is seeding itself.

You will begin to get clearer about the true intentions that have motivated your choices. You will see all of this in a greater sense of truth. You will begin to seek ways to serve self and others... my intentions serving the good of the whole.

When you work with intention, refining your choices, then you start to learn how to use and direct the power of manifestation in a laser-like manner. You will formulate your intentions in such a way that they enhance all of life around you. You will then become more in charge of the forces of the universe consciously.

Communication is very important. And much of what you say has been meaningless in many ways... such as talking to avoid or cover up something.

If you communicate with an agenda, you don't mean what you say and say what you mean. It is all about the INTENTION behind what you are sharing that gives it meaning. Now you need to communicate to bring your intentions and choices into a fine-tuned action. When you do, there is a strength of foundation for creating. You will be using all of the forces like a laser beam of energy and focus.

Focusing the laser light of intention to fulfill the action and purpose.

So work on formulating your intentions before you take action. Otherwise your energy is not efficient or effective. And you cannot create what you are moving towards as fully.

As you communicate with true connection with others, you will get clearer about your intentions and the intentions of others. To support, to encourage, to enhance.

Attachment is about manipulation, trying to "get" something from outside the self, without knowing truly who I am. The interesting thing about giving and receiving is the need to do it freely. They are the same energy and you need to practice both.

The contrasts are all a part of the same whole - connection and exchange. This is the movement of all life.

There will likely be a lot of activity in the solar plexus and the middle body. There will be pressure in the middle body, moving up into the chest area. There may be pressure in the throat as well, as the higher and lower wills connect more fully.

You will also find a resolution of willfulness for many. Groups and countries. The breakdown of imbalance will continue to accelerate. The bottom line is that you will accelerate into more balance or greater conflict, depending upon your intentions and choices.

There may be more focus on the environment and wanting to help the environment.


This is the month of moving into the heart chakra in a more distinct way. ACTION based upon balance, giving and receiving, the intentions that you worked on in the previous month now into PURPOSEFUL action.

Life purpose. The truth of your soul. You will begin to connect to the authentic Self, the Divine Plan for you as an individual, as well as starting to connect to the Divine Plan of others, as unity consciousness begins to form. Opening of the heart will accelerate, as you move more into the heart and upper body.

You may feel like your energy is expanding a great deal. It may be worrisome for some at first. It can leave you feeling a little ungrounded. The front of the heart chakra and the back of the heart chakra may feel at odds at times.

You may feel shifting of the assemblage point of your light body, where you glimpse a multi-dimensional awareness in new ways. You may feel connected to everyone, or like you know everyone or that you can sense everyone more fully than you are used to.

As you move into this month, you begin to awaken a connection to purpose, where your actions are stimulated by a deeper understanding of life, of truth, and how things have true unity. You will begin to connect the life lesson, the soul lesson into your life purpose.

There will be more specific actions stimulated at this time. You will tend to evaluate your actions, letting go of actions that truly no longer serve you.

There will be a deeper feeling in the heart that you want to act to create true benefit for the good of the whole. This is the beginning of service and "we" consciousness birthing itself from your inner truth. Less attachment and more true connection. Exchange and connection. Direct perception. Greater fulfillment of being.

These are the things that you can expect as you move through the second set of four months of 2012, the Year of Preparation for Service. ."